Friday, November 26, 2010

Weekend getaway!!

Glorious sky

A glorious sunny day in June in Zürich.. I really love the fact that before shifting to Singapore we got to enjoy the best weather in Switzerland and left just before the start of foggy dull autumn days!!

Hide & Seek

I haven't seen beautiful clouds like these ever in my life!!! super if God lives in these clouds!!!

We drove to Rapperswill that day .. Here is another post I did of the quaint place!! This was our favorite weekend spot!!  I love the   cute little shops in the village which sold folk art and craft!! 

scherenschnitte folk art on metal

This one is more contemporary version of the traditional folk art of scherenschnitte !! 


Aren't these cute!! Cactus in these super cute pots!!!


The pretty village looks even prettier in spring with sunny skies!!!

For more beautiful locations visit Skywatch!!

Have a nice weekend!!!


notyet100 said...

last pic is too good,..:-)
happy weekend

Joanne Olivieri said...

Dramatic and spectacular sky shots. That second one particularly is incredible. I really love the cactus, one of my favorite plants. Beautidul shots.

Anzu said...

Your beautiful and cheerful scenes
give me a goody. Thank you ♪

Gill - That British Woman said...

great shots........

Gill in Canada

(your photos are really slow to load though?)

Nature Rambles said...

Beautiful sky shots! i love the cactus and the last picture is awesome!!

Anonymous said...

What wonderfully delightful shots! So pretty.

Springman said...

That is some great scenery!

Laura said...

beautiful sky! I almost see a heart shape formed by the sun peeking through.

Indrani said...

Beautiful sky shots, I like those pots very much.

lazyclick said...

Wonderful shots.

Anonymous said...

Oh those pics are lovely.. and there are always such nice skies in Zurich.. We were in Swiss for two weeks.. and absolutely loved the place..

Candice Suter.....Sweetstuff said...

These pictures are truly beautiful! And I love the succulent pots. I have a couple like them so now I have an idea what to plant in them.

arul said...

village pictures are so cute