Friday, November 12, 2010

Rapperswil on Lake Zürich


Located on Lake Zürich , Rapperswil is a quaint little place with castle, cozy cafes, walks and tiny shops selling toys and other decorative items which are made locally..It was our  perfect getaway almost every week on a sunny summery day. We usually drove there via beautiful .. its a understatement..the villages are extremely beautiful ..with the blue snow capped alps as the backdrop.. the blue lake spread across..It is so wonderful to drive in Switzerland!!


It is possible to take a boat ride if you have the time,patience(lol) to spend 2-4 hours on the boat or if want to see all the small towns on the Lake Zurich ..!!  It is highly recommended if you are new or tourist in Zurich because it is extremely scenic and has many stops in between where you can stop and enjoy that place ...

escaping the summer heat

I had a very busy week and hoping to start with Christmas projects next week!! 
Have a nice weekend!!!

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Verna Luga said...

thank you for letting us see the wonders of the other side of the world.. this is awesome.

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indicaspecies said...

It is beautiful, thanks for sharing.

I'd love to stroll along this place with the blue lake spread across and the snow capped alps in the background.

Anonymous said...

Your pics want me to take the next flight to Zurich.. They are simply amazing.. Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!

Candice Suter.....Sweetstuff said...

How beautiful! I was a little girl when I was in Switzerland so I don't remember. I wish I did. Thank you for the beautiful photos.

Purnima@a creative project said...

Thanks vernz, indicaspecies,Patricia and Candy!!

Irene said...

this is so peaceful! Lovely natural photography. Thank you.