Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tea party table decor

Tea Party

Welcome to a tea party!!! This was on a cold dark wet day in Kilchberg, Zurich.. Early arrival of fall as you can imagine was the unwanted party crasher..hehehehe.. Anyway that should not stop people from partying .. actually I would say that is the occasion for partying .. get together with friends..chit chat .. play cards or something!!  This table setting is for 6.

Tea party

In small terracotta pots I kept different flavors of tea.. I have had a collection of teas( green , masala, cardamom, ginger, English breakfast....etc ...) .....in different packaging(tea bags..loose tea .. instant tea)

On one side I placed some flowers candles.. I love to collect pretty candles..and if I like a pattern I buy them so many as if there is going to be shortage of candles in this world..:)) I painted the small bowl with ceramic colors a year back..I am glad it has retained its color and gloss even after regular usage...:)

The small tea set is a souvenir from buckingham palace.I placed a handmade ribbon around the center to create harmony and continuity in decoration pieces with star aniseed in between. This tip will help in making all your table vignettes look like a part of one centerpiece  - no matter how apart they are from each other!!

To leave ample space in between for small plates, glasses, cards etc I used cork coasters as an alternative for  charger  plates ..I covered it with hand made crocheted doilies.. Looked much prettier than the picture..all the whites are reflecting light in this picture!!

The centerpiece is a 3 tier serving stand which I made with plates from a local store .. On the center of the top plate is a pretty blue berry candle in a small bucket!! I baked muffins that day.. The aroma of cakes can wade off blues easily..

I have made a tutorial of how I made the serving stand ..Its pretty neat , easy, sturdy and with a mystery edible glue ..I can use the plates again!! Check it out here.

Creative ideas..imagination .. and (some obsessions like candle collection etc) can turn your table decor instantly into a refreshing decor which will turn all the weather blues away..!!! A clutter free and well decorated table can lead happiness and stress free life at home;)

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Sue said...

Like the tiered display tray that you made. I've used plates and candlesticks to make a single display stand, but have never done multiples. Those are cute flower candles, too. Visiting from Marty's party.
~ Sue

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh how wonderful. This is so creative and I love all the little candles and teacups. What a fabulous idea and so pretty. Thanks so much for linking to TTT. Hugs, Marty

Blondie's Journal said...

Oh! How pretty! The muffins look delicious!!

Happy TT Tuesday! :-)


notyet100 said...

waiting for ur diy,..:-)

Purnima@a creative project said...

Thank you ladies for the encouragement!Your kind words make my day!!

My Owl Barn said...

I like your table arrangement. The cup and saucer in the last photo are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Gosh!! Im coming to join you.. Thats the prettiest party I've ever seen.. So so gorgeous!!

Oh.. and i love the DIY three tier stand.. My bro did something similar last year.. he made a two tier one.. but he used a large plate at the bottom.. and a small plate on the side..

did i confuse you?? I must show it off on my blog.. :-)

Candice Suter.....Sweetstuff said...

You are so creative! Absolutely beautiful! And after tea you can take it all apart and eat the marzipan! LOL

Shilpa said...

this is lovely, simple and looks professional!

you have a wonderful blog, purnima :)