Monday, September 6, 2010

Bird houses and more....


A trip to Greifensee or lake Greifen  near Zurich we passed by a quaint little shop.. A little cottage like shop selling flowers and succulents .. I think I had mentioned earlier that succulents and cactus are one of popular indoor plants in cold  countries.. They are considered as exotic plants..


The entrance to the shop with a old wooden door and pretty hand made wreath on it.. It had rained that day..The cottage was decorated by pots and plants and ....

Die vogelvilla
Vogel villa...  bird house.. not one but many different types ..some on sticks..some were hanging..beautifully hand painted in different shapes and sizes..

Some were two stories and some single house:)..some with square windows and fences.. some with round windows ..But of course exorbitantly priced( a little too unrealistic price I would say ..starting from 150CHF for the smallest birdhouse)

pink bird house
I felt very proud of the bird house I had painted earlier ... It cost me not more than 25CHF..hehheehhee

pink bird house

Have a lovely Monday!! For more lovely cactus and succulents visit Teri's lovely blog!!


Smita Srivastava said...

Lovely birdhouses ... n the best one is surely the one made by you !!!

Renée said...

I adore charming little shops like the one you saw near Zurich. What a beautiful country. Love the succulents too, and your sweet little birdhouse. Thanks so much for bringing your lovely paper candle lights to our BlogBBQ, a sensational addition to the decor!

notyet100 said...

pink one looks too cute,..

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Your birdhouse is just fantastic. You did a wonderful job painting it. Hugs, Marty

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What nice succulents. I have to bring in all my cactus and other succulents too. Very few will live through our winters. The bird house you made is very cute. I am sure some little bird would love to live there.

marianne said...

What a delightful post!
Loved all those birdhouses!
And the one you made is super!


Margaret Ann said...

What a beautiful succulent photo...Love those colors....especially the blues....MMmmmmm!
Plus... I think your birdhouse is the cutest of them all! HCM!

Teri said...

Succulents and birdhouses...Perfect!!!!!


Candice Suter.....Sweetstuff said...

What a cute place! Love those bird houses. Yours is adorable, great job. And those succulents are wonderful! HCM

Purnima@a creative project said...

Thank you very much!!