Thursday, August 26, 2010

How to make Hurricane lamp with glass bottles..

Do you have lots of glass bottles/jars which you want to either throw away or waiting to be recycled.... why throw/recycle when you can up cycle!!!! Lets make glass candle holder today.. It is perfect solution for outdoor candles for outdoor parties on windy autumn evenings...for creating a centerpiece.. for making a dark room/corner interesting!!!!

Before I start the tutorial I want to thank for featuring my watermelon ship.. Thank you very much!!!!

Let's start with today's tutorial ...It requires very simple ..easy to find at home stuff..

glass art

A pretty tissue paper with patterns big enough to be easily cut ... An empty glass bottle...Scissors ..Glue..and a cord..( I used the cord that comes with toy packaging)

Glass Art

Then cut the border or flowers on the tissue paper.. 

Glass Art

               Cut the paper as per the circumference of the bottle and then glue it to bottle...

glass art

Turn and twist the cord to make a knot ..

glass art

Tie the cord around the bottle's neck and make a very tight knot and pull it across to check if it is tight enough to hold the bottle..

Glass Art

Put either a battery charged candle or wax one or scented candle..

Glass art

Viola!!! Your hurricane lamp is ready!! 

glass art

Hang it anywhere on tree branches for a summer outdoor entertaining or place it outside on your stairs .. or hang it on the bathroom towel hook like I have done..or place on the center table for a romantic ambiance..

It is perfect for festivals like Diwali or Christmas ...

Try it out its very easy to make and practical plus decorative to use..Do read the warning and remember them while using wax candles ...

Warning: Do not keep candles unattended. Glass becomes hot after keeping the candle burning in it for long time.

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Renée said...

These are beautiful! You have papers and patterns that we don't here. I think the ones you used are so pretty! Please post it as a decoration for our So Long Summer BlogBBQ in a week, Sept. 2-6! Thanks for another lovely idea...

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

That's so cool. I love that idea. Might have to give it a shot.

Thanks for stopping by The Things We Find Inside and leaving a comment. I appreciate it. (I love lists...especially of my fav books.)


Purnima@a creative project said...

Hi Gnee!! Thanks! I will definitely join!! Look out for tissue papers during Christmas time.. you will find the best ones!!

Purnima@a creative project said...

Thanks Marie!! I really want to make a conscious effort to read good books..and I think your list is very good idea!!!

Shivani Negi said...

That was a great idea and well adding to that we can first paint the bottle also. Thanks for sharing the idea with us..

Smita Srivastava said...

That looks amazingly beautiful ... looking forward to make one soon !!! Thanks for sharing the wonderful idea !!

- Smita
@Little Food Junction

Rekha said...

That's an awesome tutorial, purnima. Would like to try this out.

Anonymous said...

gosh!! wow!! wow!! thats awesome!! it looks beautiful at the end.. You make it look so so easy!!

Purnima@a creative project said...

Thanks all!! Do try it..its very easy!!!

GB said...

Lovely!! I have to try my hand at these sometime...summer will be over before we know it, but I think these will look just as romantic in autumn or winter!!

Purnima@a creative project said...

Thanks GB!!

Kelley said...

Great idea....have a super week.

. said...

Cute! And great idea!

I've been looking at ways to cover the large jar candles because I hate looking at the brand labels...I think I'm going to try this idea on those too! :)

Purnima@a creative project said...

Thanks Kelly and Erin!!!

Alison said...

Great project! I love that you not only recycled the jar, but also the cording from the toy packaging! I'll have to save up my cording at Christmas-time!

Thanks for the idea!

Visiting from the Blog BBQ!

Under the Big Oak Tree

Julie said...

What a beautiful project! Thanks for posting on our So Long Summer BlogBBQ

Purnima@a creative project said...

Thanks Allison and Julie!!

priya said...

hi poorni,

i love u'r blog.too good