Sunday, October 12, 2014

Creative Weekend in Dubai

Hello beautiful people!! Hope you all are enjoying your weekend!!! Weekend in Dubai is Friday and Saturday. So ours have ended ( sad !) Never in my life I dreaded Sunday but now it is like Monday. Still getting used to this concept , I end up calling Sunday as Monday almost always. 

I shouldn't be complaining though since this weekend turned out to be quite productive and very amusing !! We went to the beach late afternoon to enjoy the sunset. The temperature is rising again so beach picnics in day time are not possible. While coming back to Business Bay we saw a muster of peacocks along the road. It is not uncommon to see them wandering on this road. From little I know , these peacock belong to the King and they have their home somewhere hidden in the green patch. It was the first time we saw so many all together. There were 8-10 peacocks, peahens and cute little pea chicks walking along the road. They are not shy - not a bit. A peacock waited for us and posed. 

I finished making my Akash kandil - traditional paper lantern. Its not easy to make especially if you have a curious toddler jumping around, sitting on your lap wanting to touch and "help". The structure is difficult/ tricky to make. It is made with dowels tied together in squares and traingles. They need to be in exact same shape and size from all sides to keep it intact. I want to make one more. If I do I will definitely do a tutorial.

Sunny boy and I made tealight holders/ glass lanterns from recycled bottles. He painted and decorated them with glitter and sequins. Look at his hands full of golden glitter . He sat there admiring his hands and sprinkling them around. A tutorial and table decor with these is coming up soon! 

Made 50 or so Terrecotta diyas. I moulded them with hand and then baked them for 30 minutes. I intend to paint them soon. My plan is to make 100 diya for this Diwali to decorate the outdoors. 

Diwali bunting is ready and hanging. I have shared the free pattern and tutorial in the last blog post. If you like it download and print it. 

Do share what you did this weekend!!!

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