Monday, August 11, 2014

laughter therapy - Illustration with watercolors and ink

I did this illustration of the smile or laughter technique since I see so many grumpy faces around:)

I have met/seen many moms who are so stressed out by their daily life or work. They frown and yell at their kids even toddlers. I know toddlers in their terrible two mode can be too much to handle for some. But then if children will not be naughty, throw things around, run around like whirlwind or typhoon who will. I get stressed too and when I do I just fake a smile not letting him know that I am stressed. I think a Mom should always be happy around her kids so that they would learn to be happy, jolly, less stressed. After all parents are their role models. 

We all fake smiles, don't we at work or while meeting some friend or stranger. So why not in this situation.. why burden their growing minds with stress. When you start smiling that itself starts easing the stress, making you feel better and better. This idea is also used in laughter clubs which were originated in Japan and later spread all around. I never laugh heartily alone( that's crazy) but a giggle or chuckle also helps..Just smile and just expand it till you relaxed. There are other benefits too!!

For more fun ideas to keep laughing read this wikihow articles: Laugh

So keep smiling and be happy!!

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