Sunday, August 17, 2014

Thomas and friends paper craft

This is project one of the Thomas & friends DIY  craft/ games for & by kids. We had bought a Thomas and friends magazine from London. I haven't seen them here. 
So since 'Thomas mania' is ON in our house I thought of making a puzzle with the magazine cover. 

I cut a cardboard in the size of the magazine cover. Then I asked Avaneesh to spread glue on the back of the cover and on the cardboard.  I pressed them together. With a xacto knife I cut it in squares.

Avaneesh likes puzzles. So it is big hit with him since it has both Thomas & friends plus a puzzle. 

Paper puzzles are easy and cheap to make. All you need is picture/s of your child's favorite character , cardboard( I recycled one from some packaging),  glue and sharp scissor or xacto knife.
You can also use carton of child's favorite cereal/ food or photos to make a puzzle. 

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