Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sea shell Monogram art

A few days back we had been to the beach. My 2 year old and I collected lots of seashell and some sand as well. I came with a idea to make a monogrammed art for my son's room with the sea shells. A craft both me and my son can do together. I cut a thick card stock and drew a big A on it.  I gave Avaneesh the box in which we had collected the sand and sea shells. 

I helped him apply glue on the letter A. Then one by one he found the shells and fixed them on the alphabet. Later we sprinkled sand all over to cover the letter. We let it dry for a while. I applied a layer of modge podge to keep the loose sand together. 

Later i wrote his name under the big A with golden ink. I framed it after it had dried well.  It looks very pretty in his room. 

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