Friday, April 4, 2014

Style my room: Nature abundance

Hi friends!! Have you made any weekend plans? The weather is dull here. Its been pouring here all night. While looking for something to beat the weather blues , 
 I came across this picture. There is something so relaxing and calming in this picture. I instantly felt better. I wondered what if I could jump inside this picture, sit and relax. How wonderful it would be, isn't it? Since that's fanciful thinking,  I thought what I have to do to get this kind of look to my house.. Imagining of course, that I had all the resources:)( more day dreaming) Lets see how to get the look!!

What caught my eye in this picture:
Sunshine: One of the essential design factor is light- natural light is the best. Sunshine makes everything look so good and more the better. If there is blue water reflecting the sunshine that is pure bliss.

Flowers: Even a hint of natural flowers, nature, greenery makes it all worthwhile. That makes a place looks livable, happy and charming. I think the white flowers in the vase kind of softens the entire picture.

Wooden Furniture and flooring: The brown wood gives the entire look a perfect balance. It is creates an  warm and homely feeling. 

So what does the picture say to you?!!

Image courtesy: unknown via Pinerest 


Reshma at said...

Totally a place where its sunshine! I wish where I live now, its all sunny, but its cold and cloudy and we had a few flurries a while ago!
Anyway, have a good weekend!

Purnima@a creative project said...

I hope the weather clears up there and soon the spring will start!! Have a lovely week ahead!!