Sunday, March 23, 2014

Edible Matchsticks

Edible matchsticks are easy to make.  I made them for my son's fire engine themed birthday party.  These can be made on valentines day,Diwali, siren themed birthday party or just for fun.

I used pretzel sticks. Put red marzipan on the top. That's it!!  

I saw these on this site. They had made it for valentines day. The recipe is different. They have added a message on the box- Light my fire or you are my perfect match. How apt for valentines!! I will remember for next time:) 

Similarly one can make these on Diwali and on the box can write sparklers or colored matchsticks:) to fool your guests. Just for fun!! 

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  Images taken by me@home. Please do not use without permission.