Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Saree inspired hand painted wooden coasters

Sari has a special place in every Indian girls life..There is something magical about it..The beautiful textures, patterns, designs, embroidery on the long 6 meters stretch of fabric is mind blowing!!! I decided to pay tribute to sari by painting some wooden coasters with saree inspired patterns..

I decided to go for maroon base color .. Rich maroon which is traditionally favored sari color for weddings .. I painted golden circle motifs over them..
I varnished them with several coats of high quality glossy varnish ..

Initially I made these as prototypes.. as I was not sure if these hand painted coasters could withstand regular / rough daily use .. Now after months of usage I  am certain that they can stand heat, water and hand washing.. 

I am so keen on making a few more of sari inspired ones if only I had more time on hand...

All images taken by me and subject to copyright .