Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A dream entrance

So the other day I was walking with my baby near by. When I spotted this beautiful  entrance to a restaurant.. I simply loved it..

I love everything about it!!! It is a blend of Indian and middle eastern style..The row of Moroccan lanterns hanging on the sides..The bouganvilla peeping from the pillars..along with other plants which seem to be hardy and sturdy for extreme weather (and my brown thumb as well) I love the big elephant with a Ambari (elephant seat) statue. There were two on both sides..The tall vase on each side of the door..although I will go for a oval shaped vase..

 This is my dream entrance ... my inspiration in new house..I sorted out the easy part ,i.e, where to buy the bouganvilla and the tall earthen vase from. I am thinking of painting the vase myself..Still have to figure out where to buy these exact lanterns and the elephant from..

 Till then I will dream on...

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