Friday, December 21, 2012

2013 calendar

I made a fun calendar for the new year using some of my paintings. It features paintings according to seasons/ some festivals in India .. Like Ganesh chaturthi , Diwali , Christmas etc..

I love to create products/ items which are multipurpose and gives space to ones creativity. So this one has so much fun packed in it .

It can stand on its own as well using a clip. I can just fix it to the fridge with a magnet or on the office board with a pin. Also if a hole is punched then can be hung on the wall., I made the front design and back as well.. So it will look good for gifting.

After the months are done with I can just cut the calendar and use the painting to either frame it as mini art or make a tag or greeting card.. Love the ideas and endless possibilities while creating something..

I love this calendar so I thought I will also keep it in my etsy shop as well.. For details visit my shop here !!


Sathya said...

Wow...Very thoughtful idea!!! love it!

Julie said...

Beautiful!!!! I must check out your Etsy shop, as soon as i can!
Happy holidays!!!!