Friday, October 12, 2012

Nursery wall art

I have almost finally done decorating my baby's room ( for now).. The last thing to be done took lot of time.. which is putting up the frames. I am drawing and painting so many nursery art that it is getting difficult as to which ones to put up in his room..My baby loves to look and talk to the paintings..So the frames are put up on the wall next to his crib. I will be showcasing his nursery soon but for this post I am sharing exclusively the nursery art..

My Baby's room is nature themed.. So no doubt the nursery art is something related..

Mommy and baby owls.. These are transformer owls..I just love their name and style.. So cute and what kid does not like transformers and owls..

Yellow King Bird .. The inspiration behind this one came from a yellow bird who came to our apartment every now and then when my baby was a newborn in Singapore.. One day the bird made a little nest on a house plant in my balcony.. I didn't have the heart to remove his little nest so when I left Singapore I told the new tenant to take care of the nest and she obliged:) My baby loved to watch the little bird..

Swiss cows.. I love the Swiss cows.. It was always a delight to watch the cows when we lived in Switzerland.. These milk cows were so cute, happy and adorable.. I just loved how they wandered on their own grazing on the never ending green pastures in the mountains.. No doubt the swiss milk tasted so yummy..

The fox family is a digital painting.. I tell my son stories about a fox family which lives in the deep woods on the mountain where we live now..Daddy fox, Mommy fox and baby fox :) 

There are lots more painting which are work in progress..There are koi fish, reindeer family, more owls, many and so much pending work and so little time:)

These are available at my shop as well:)

Have a nice weekend!!! 


Shaz Originals said...

beautiful ideas... and loved the shop.. Congratsss

Purnima@a creative project said...

Thanks Shaz!!

Shalini said...

Lovely work and so lovely that it's all so personal.