Monday, August 6, 2012

How to make tissue paper bunting

A few months back I had posted about the tissue paper bunting I had made on my baby's Introduction party.. I just realized that I totally forgot to document on the blog how I made it.. So here it is..It could be a easy summer project for kids as well.

For a tissue paper bunting, you will need :

Good quality tissue paper(either printed or plain) Size: 40*40cm  Ply: 3 or more
Baker's twine
Glue and scissors
Optional: gel pens

1) One tissue paper of 40* 40 cm size can make 4 triangles. Open the tissue paper and cut it in four equal parts.

2) Make triangles by folding two corner ends.

3) Draw design over it with pens if you desire..I made flowers..

4) Measure the twine as per your requirement and cut it keeping extra for making loops at the end. Pass the twine through the tissue paper triangles and glue the both ends

4) Make loops at the end of the twine and it is ready to hang. This is how it looked like at the venue..You can see the entire party post here.


Use two triangles to make one bunting if you want more thickness.

 If you are going make a design on the tissue paper with pens, I suggest first do a trial as to which gel pen works better as some pens don't write smoothly on tissue paper.

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Thanks for the tutorial,,,:) will try sometime,,

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