Saturday, June 2, 2012

Art for kitchen

I found some pictures of my kitchen in the Singapore home on my laptop.. When we moved to that home I didn't like the kitchen..It was a big comprise compared to our fancy and very modern kitchen in the Switzerland home..This one had tiles from top to know the white square ones..I call them bathroom tiles. Since I love to cook and didn't have a helper till I got pregnant I wanted the kitchen to look pretty..somewhere I can work and cook..So decided to beautify it a bit. 

I had made these Chai paintings some time back..each painting has a different cup style and on the background are words for tea around the world..some 20 different languages I tea, tey,chai, cha, caj,tee etc

I bought wall decals with cherry blossoms print on it. It worked like magic. These are very durable, easy to clean and remove. I fixed a huge flowering branch with flowers dropping from it over the sink, some near the kitchen back door and one over the hob. I also put some near the switch board and the paintings.

Wall decals are easy way to beautify the walls without any damage to the walls. There are some awesome kitchen decals available in the market which will add instant spark to the room. 

I fixed some wooden birds I had bought in Madrid , cheese board from Amsterdam, some vintage tins I collect in Europe and a money plant in a recycled bottle..etc ..

After going through all this trouble to make it look better I have decided that  I will not compromise on the kitchen in the new home here in Hong Kong:))