Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Wishing everyone a very happy and prosperous New year! 

I found some amazing calendars on online.. These are made by talented artists and are free to download!!!

             Download this fabulous freebie calendar from mygrafico. It has 12 wonderful designer graphics. 

Download this freebie Kokeshi dolls Calendar from Creative mama. 

Download this floral print freebie calendar from Skiptomylou

Download this customizable cute freebie Owl calendar from My Owl Barn.

Print on photo paper or card stock.Punch a hole and these original little art pieces are ready to use!!!!

Also thanks everyone who wrote lovely comments on my previous posts and emailed me..
Thanks for the support you all showed to my humble blog..
For all those who are wondering I am due during the end of this month 
and am very excited about it!!!!


Archana said...

Happy New Year Sweetie:)

notyet100 said...

Wish ya the best in life ,..:) tk care dear

painted princess collection said...

what a wonderful gift for new year thankyou very much for the same

gwl said...

good post...........

Lakshmi said...

wish u the same ! Hope u have agreat year ahead..
Love your blog and creativity and design...