Friday, May 6, 2011

Summer decor inspirations

I am in dire need of some inspiration for beach themed decor or summer themed decor..In busy real life this week I found little time to decorate my dining table. I love to do decor and arrangements with items available at home ..for which one does not  have to break the bank account..which is easily manageable..which involve natural elements..some memories of a beautiful vacation!!! 

So let's see what I found today...

Though the focal point of the decor at the eye level is the heavy wooden framed mirror and the candles.. soon your eyes will go towards the huge collection of sea shells on display under the console table ...Isn't it simply splendid!! Also notice the copper plant container!!!!

Botanical prints on the sofa set speak of the beautiful summer/spring days..Would be apt for places where the winter are long or for people prefer green prints in winters.. It will always feel like a green paradise in your living room..The green corner table adds charm with flowers blooming in the pots!!!

Calm blue wall with the dashing summery orchids!! The vintage mirror and the white porcelain creates a country living charm!!

This decor has inspired me to do something and use the back door area of my apartment which is totally empty with bare walls as we don't use it at all... The wet area is made so cheerful with the yellow painting on the wall and the fresh flower cuttings in the vase!!

This glorious summery look is attained by the ravishing patterns... orange striped cushions... the botanical prints on the wall ..striped carpet..the stone vase on one counter and the wooden big vase and bowls  on the other!! I love the textured handmade wooden stool near the the bright comfy chair!!!

Charming beach theme table decor..some sea shell collected on a vacation or maybe regular strolls on the beach.... with romantic candles ...fresh flowers and the prints..also notice the cane basket under the wooden table!!

Simple yet so beautiful..would look lovely for the dining table or the living room center table!! some candles on silver candle stands and lovely plant.some summery books and viola!

The succulents with some sea shells.. Love how the combination of the plants and the paintings in the decor create the seasonal magic and elaborate the theme!

This seems like a perfect spot to curl up with a cool drink with crushed ice and maybe some fresh strawberries and read a book or comics in my case on a hot summer afternoon with a ceiling fan or a stand fan on top speed.. somehow that reminds me of my school summer holidays!!!

All these stunning decor inspirations belong to Scott Sanders- a New York based design firm which specializes in residential interiors. 


Julie said...

gorgeous rooms!!! i loved seeing them...let us see your transformations!!!

Becca Bertotti said...

Beautiful inspirational pics !! Love all of the coastal touches.

Purnima@a creative project said...

Thanks Julie and Becca!!! Enjoy your weekend!!

My Unfinished Life said...

some real good ideas to do up the home!!!!!!

Purnima@a creative project said...

Thx shooting star!!

Anonymous said...

*sigh* what gorgeous summer inspirations ... I want a home like this too.. :-)