Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Decor inspirations

While I was surfing a magazine- Appetite at a coffee shop I came across an article on Easter in Europe. I was reminiscing Easter in Switzerland. Extra long weekends, traditionally decorated/painted eggs, Lindt chocolate bunnies -10-12ft tall near my house(at the chocolate factory) and a braided soft bread specially baked for easter known as Zopf.


If you want to bake this Swiss Easter bread then here's a link to the recipe on a Swiss site- . The German traditionally baked easter bread is known as OsterKranz. (Recipe:Food The Italian traditional eater bread is known as Colomba. (Recipe Pastrywiz) I can go on and on about the food part but I have to stay focused on the decor part:)

Let's turn to easter decorations. I found some lovely Easter decor inspirations on some of favorite Swiss/German sites. Sharing with you the ideas and tips which I loved the most from them.

                                                                                                 Courtesy: Heimdino
Easter decorations with roses and kangaroo paw

Here's the how to : Empty and wash the white chicken egg shell ..Make a small hole on the top and bottom. Thread the rose stem through it. Arrange few stems of kangaroo paw alongside.


A pretty centerpiece with candles in shape of a egg with some fresh spring flowers in deep dish!!

                                                                                     Courtesy: Heimdino

A Easter bouquet made from chrysanthemums and roses .The quail eggs are fixed to the branches.


Put a cheerful little rabbit on the plate with origami napkin folding!!

                                                                                                                                                                                    Courtesy: Selbst

Colorful easter paper cones 

How to : Make paper cones out of pastel colored paper. Fill them with grass and top it with eggs and chocolate. Punch a hole at the back and tie a string to it. Cut out letters and stick them to the cones.


A beautiful table setting!! A color coordinated place setting finished with flowers of the same color as the table cloth and the painted quail eggs. 


Eggs painted with natural colors. Onion skins (yellow), cranberry (pink), tea leaves (brown), red beet juice plus vinegar (red) or soaked, chopped red cabbage leaves (blue)..

                                                                                                                   Courtesy: Bild der Frau

Easter decorations for the kitchen. This look has been achieved with easy peel-to-off stickers or vinyl decorations.


Easter Picnic table.. Make most of the fantastic weather outdoor!!!

                                                                             Courtesy: Chili und Ciabatta

Last but certainly not the least is pretty table for Easter brunch!!! 
If you love to cook/bake European(mainly in and around Germany) recipes then you would love this lovely blog- Chili und Ciabatta !!!

See here for earlier easter decor ideas!!


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Lovely ideas... Love them all..

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What super duper ideas. I esp loooveeed the eggs painted with natural colors.
Thank you for sharing!

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*sigh* What lovely Easter inspirations.... :-)

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Lovely Easter decor!

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awesome ideas

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Hey Purnima, great blgo, wil definately have to try out the bread. Not sure if it's your thing but I've invited you to join in with the Earth Day reading Project ( Hope you can.

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