Friday, October 22, 2010

Swiss beauty

Early this year on the first day of Spring ..1st April , DH and I drove to the French speaking part of Switzerland, Montreux. We both love this place and have went there 2-3 times earlier. We were expecting some good spring weather..But it was very cloudy, cold and started snowing hard. We thought this is nature's way of saying April Fool to us...:)) But later the weather transformed totally into a very pleasant and romantic cool atmosphere!!

In the evenings and early mornings we went for long walks around the lake Geneva  and in the quaint town..!  The French apls provide a breathtaking and stunning backdrop!! I took a video from my hotel balcony..

During the day time we drove into France and enjoyed the neighboring French and Swiss cities, quaint towns with serene natural beauty!!! 

We have traveled in Europe by train earlier when we were new in Zürich ..It is easy and comfortable. Once we got a car we realized that the natural beauty one can enjoy driving on the roads in small towns, cute villages cannot be enjoyed by public transport. I believe one cannot really truly enjoy and have seen Europe especially Switzerland if you didn't drive there. So if planning a trip there a car and drive around!!

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Anonymous said...

Nice place and simple presentation make it easy to follow. I like that

Anzu said...

I love finespun and cheerful daily scenes
you captured.
Have a happy weekend ♪

syel said...

i will take note of your suggestion just in case :) the views are breath taking :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful shots - and that first one is breath-taking!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

so so pretty!!

Leigha said...

So, so gorgeous. Beautiful blog dear.


Purnima@a creative project said...

To each of you gorgeous people - Thanks a ton for taking time to comment!!