Thursday, September 23, 2010

How to jazz up coasters, lamps and carpets - 3 tutorials in one post!!!

Whenever and wherever I find at a bargain, I collect  laces, fringes, tassels, trims, Zari/ Lurex Jacquard borders and tapes, motifs, sequin trims and buttons. They come in handy to jazz up almost anything from boxes to lamp shades and from dresses to bags.

I have a picture tutorial of how to jazz up your coasters. I think from that you will get a basic technique of other projects.

and then...

The same way I made the lamps which you saw on Tuesday in the tour of my apartment in Zürich ..

This is before jazzing up the lamp: It is Ikea ÅRSTID table lamp.

and this is after..

One side of the lamp... and below is the other side...(just so that I don't get bored of one side)


 First I removed the shades from the lamps.
As shown above I fixed the borders to the lamp shade.
Stitched the bigger button on one side.
On the other side I glued the small beads and with golden acrylics color made dots(It looked like a sari pattern:))
Attach the shades back to the base.
I tied a white ribbon to the base rod of the lamp. 
Tied a bow with a golden ribbon at the bottom.

(After using them for 2 years I have put these lamps to rest in the recycling center while coming here. They will be always remembered fondly:))

The same way I made these..bamboo carpet and mats(not the cushions..LOL)

I used our not-in-use-anymore Bamboo carpet..
  • I cut it in different sizes with sharp scissors..This one really tested my patience as the carpet started falling apart.. soon there was bamboos everywhere..and I thought I am creating more mess than anything creative..But after ruining almost half the carpet I accomplished it..phew!!)
  • Tape off all the sides
  • With permanent glue fix the borders and sequins
  • Make design with glitter paint..
  • Voila .. Your new smaller mats/carpets are ready!!!!

I kept these under floor lamps.. the reclining chair...etc This helped in avoiding scratches on the wooden floor!!

Phew I am tired now.. 3 tutorials in one!!!

oh wait where are going ..I am not done yet..
I found these g8t sites which show wonderful ways for creative DIY lightning and lampshades..
Quick lampshades by BHG
Lampshade liner by Martha Stewart


notyet100 said...

nice tutorials,..specially the carpet and tablemat

Rekha said...

Lovely ideas Purnima, you make it sound so easy

PA said...

Loved it!

Purnima@a creative project said...

Thanks notyet,Rekha and PA!!!

GB said...

Love those placemats and the idea!

Rose :: said...

love the placemat idea
come link it up so that our readers can find your tutorial ... S too:

(btw every wednesday we open a new party, so you can show off a new tutorial each week on our site).

Angie Holden said...

Cute and easy!! :)