Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Minion Craft with recycled can

We love Minions!!! Recently we have been doing many Minion crafts. This one is made with a big  size recycled can. All you need is paper, a big box to be recycled, poster colors , glue and scissors. Optional is felt for eyes and hands.
I cut out all the parts from a thick sheet of paper. First sunny boy (3) covered the can with plain paper which he colored yellow with poster paint. Next he painted and glued the clothes. The parts of specs are made separately. The eyes are made of felt. For the specs I had cut the strap and the circles...over which we glued the felt eyes. The arms were painted and then rolled up. We glued hands made from felt in it. The smile is made of scrap felt which sunny boy thought looks like a smile!! Oh yes almost forgot the beret.. We put the lid on and then glued a pompom over it!!! Hooray the minion is done!!!
Sunny boy had lot of fun doing this craft and he is very proud of his creation!!

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