Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Creating a vignette for Diwali with recycled mason jars

Decorating your house for Diwali, festival of light, is most satisfying, pleasurable, happiest part of the festival. I think creating small vignettes with lights in different corners/nooks looks better than creating only one in one place. It is fun to experiment with different objects in your house. The basic principle to keep in mind is "If it is pretty you can use it to create a vignette and decorate your house".

The vignette I am sharing with you today is a very easy arrangement - colorful, bright and with bling.  The colored jars are recycled , hand painted and home decorated which makes any project especially one for festivals so unique. Anything made with/by children makes it so precious to the family isn't it?!! It is made with love:) 

Start by arrange the jars in symmetry - height-wise or size-wise. Try ordering them in different positions which will give you the idea as to which suits you the most. 
Find a backdrop. It need not be a tablecloth , it could be any attractive and visually appealing cloth you have.  I have used my pink shawl underneath which provides a soft and sweet backdrop (I think that about pink!). The shawl is of perfect size to cover the round table. 

I have been collecting these little mason jars -jam and honey bottles for a while. So finally I had them in enough quantity additionally Diwali is coming soon. It is a perfect time to use them.
So sunny boy under my direction painted the jars in varied bright colors. We used red, blue,orange,yellow, green and purple. Paint it from all sides. When they were still a bit wet I have him sequins and glitter to embellish them. A golden string went around their neck. 

What I like when doing any decor project with sunny boy is that his strokes are more natural and roughly made unlike mine. If I were do I would tried hard to make it perfect in one direction and the resulting outcome would not have been so good.
 As you can imagine he went crazy with it. Soon he was all covered in glitter:)

Coming back to our vignette, the easy way to create a connection is by placing something that visually connects them like I have used flowers. These are the common factor between the pieces of arrangement. Real ones will look better. Poor me ..where will I find real lotus in this desert (sigh)  Do see my tip on how to keep flowers alive and fresh outside the water for long here

Flowers soften the setting plus gives life to the arrangement. You can never go wrong with them. A little dose or whole bunch in the background both work when you don't want them to overpower the setting. The bead necklace was given to me by my masi- maternal aunt - when I was 5 or 7. It was that WOW feeling I had felt or rather I remember of first time in my life. It still makes me so happy to see it.

I am guilty of using smart phone to take pictures. My Dlsr is lying in dust somewhere in the cupboard. That's why no matter how hard I tried I couldn't take a better picture of the vignettes at night. It looked dazzling in person even if I said that myself :)

This display can be made with clear glass tea light holders or drinking glasses of different sizes as well.  

Stay tuned more Diwali decor ideas coming your way!!!

Use led tealights if you have young children. The light won't be as bright but it is safe. 

All pictures taken by me@home. 

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Anonymous said...

So lovely! Love the bright colors....

Kathy said...

The jars look lovely! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,