Thursday, October 2, 2014

Beach Vibe and Nautical Decor

Hiya friends !!! How's it going? If you love sun, sand, sea shores and everything about it then you are my kinda person. I love it!! Just thinking about it makes me feel as if the breeze is blowing in my hair and I am somewhere listening to the waves instead. Ahhhh..That's what makes a girl happy!! 

I am so addicted to summer that I am having withdrawal symptoms!!!

Coming back to reality here I was sitting in this white cafe with extra tall ceiling showing off its ventilator pipes. While my sunny boy is busy with blocks in the play area here(Thank God for cafes with toddler play areas:) the idea struck to make a beach themed room.  Since I am really time famished like most of the mums with kids of my boys age, I am taking it one by one. 

I started with a art piece with my toddler. Since I became Mom I just find it hard not to include him in things I love doing the most. You must have noticed increase in number of art/craft/DIY decor projects with my sunny boy on this blog :) I just cannot separate it. There is no 'me space' in my house. It is our space- Mommy and sunny boy. 

We both have lots of sea shells collected from various beaches - memories of happy leisurely weekends!!! I was craving to do something with them. Something but didn't know what. Pinterst doesn't really work for me when I want to make something with my heart in it - something original that I can love all my life!! 
And suddenly a light bulb lit over my head.. I snapped my fingers and said "idea".. I just love that feeling.. 

Its very simple to make!! You only need a canvas, a box full of seashells and colors. 
Here's how we made it!
I told my toddler " so today we going to paint a heart" he gets excited when he hear those words... 
I asked him to choose a color to paint the canvas. I was happy he choose blue. 
I made a stencil of heart and kept it in the center. After he was finished painting I showed him some magic by pulling off the heart stencil to reveal the white heart under it. I poured glue over the heart and gave him box of sea shells to stick them.
 "Only on the heart" I emphasized. Once dry and when he was not looking I added some more sea shells on the sides to make it the perfect shape !! 
There its done!! 
It is very good way to make a beach holiday memento with the kids! 

  To make a table vignette I used some of our keepsake items from various trips to beaches in different countries. 
The flip flop are candles. They are so cute it would break my heart to burn them. 
That's an underlying idea to bring all the related memories in one room. 

Holiday photos, paintings, sea shells and hats. Its going to be a slow long process but I hope to get there soon. You will get to see the progress as and when. 

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Aalayam Inspiration said...

how cool! it is fun to involve the kids isn't it? and it was nice to be reminded of the beach and sunshine - we are heading into what looks like yet another long winter.

Will be catching up on your other posts now.


A Sunny Yellow Window said...

Too cute, Purnima! Love the heart art and the starfish and the whole vignette, and the whole idea of creating this with your kid! :-)

Purnima@a creative project said...

Even thinking about it makes one feel relaxing isn't it!! Wow.. Chilly snowy winter seems so dreamy to me!! Sigh..
Thanks for visiting and kind words. I hope to see you here more often !! x

Purnima@a creative project said...

That's Ambika!! It's complete fun . kids come up with natural creative original ideas. They don't have any
Ideas inspired by someone but only their own.. Its raw and original..also the painting strokes ..thanks for the kind words!! Its always a pleasure to read your comments abd your blog!!