Sunday, August 24, 2014

Gift wraps and packaging

Wrapping gifts is one of most happiest activity during festive holidays or birthdays. It gives me immense joy thinking how the person receiving will feel when he/ she opens it with anticipation. Like me I am sure many people love the feeling of opening the wrapping and packaging to peek/ know what's inside. The gift doesn't matter the feeling behind it matters. If the gift is hand wrapped with lot of consideration to design and decoration it makes the gift so special. I seldom of keep the gift wrapping- whether is the lovely wrapping paper, pretty box or the gift topper . I keep them nicely folded in a big paper bag where I collect all of them. Some I have for years. I have forgotten what gift was inside but I love to reminisce  the sentiment with which it was specially sought and gift wrapped ( keeping in mind what would like )

I am always on lookout for easy but stunning ideas for adding the extra zing to the gift wraps. I found these gorgeous flowers which can be made at home in few minutes. 

Lia Griffith has beautiful detailed tutorial about how to make flowers which you can use for gift wrapping or for making a wreath or any DIY project you can come up with. The tutorial for the beautiful long stemmed paper rose with metallic paper can be found here. 

Another stunner from the immensely talented lady. These flowers are made of tissue paper. Its hard to believe , isn't it? The simple pain tissue paper that we use and throw without bothering to look at it can become something so beautiful!! You can find the tutorial here !! 

The lovely Lia Griffith has tutorials for many more flowers and that's not all she has craft tutorials, creative inspirations and free printables for holidays, kids, parties , decor and weddings. You will find food recipes as well !!!

All the image are from Lia Griffith. Subject to copyright. 


A Sunny Yellow Window said...

Boy, LiaGrifith is someplace I must visit now... Off to the website! Thanks for the intro

Purnima@a creative project said...

Definitely Ambika.. She has many more fabulous ideas for gift wrapping.. wonderful source now that the festive coming near!!