Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Decorating with marigolds- indian themed floral arrangement withcontemporary twist

Marigold is a flower which is usedin India on any festive event. It is important part of Indian wedding decor and also during festivals. Flower shops in India are brimming with an abundant variety of flowers - especially marigolds any time of the year. 

Inspite of the abundance or because of it I feel marigold gets treated as a flower not worth to be put in vase for decoration or in flower arrangements. 
To break the myth I thought I will showcase some fabulous ways marigold is used to decorate in a chic and elegant style. I will start with the one I love the most.


Isn't this gorgeous!! I haven't seen a unique marigold decoration better than this ever- not in real life or on internet. This beautiful arrangement is made by Florali. It is made of zinnias, cosmos, peonies and marigold..all in vase wrapped in sari!! Wow !!  You must visit their blog to see the unique and extraordinary floral design done by them

I would love to try this as soon I see some marigolds in this dessert, maybe in winter or Diwali time. Would you like to try something like this - marigold in a different style and form of decoration for that festive occasion - like Diwali? 

More arrangements to decorate with marigold are coming up soon..

  This image is from Pinterst. 

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