Thursday, March 13, 2014

A perfect gift for a 2 year old- a handmade gift from Mom

It was my Son's 2nd Birthday last month. I was so busy preparing for his party and celebrations that I even forgot to update the blog. I will share the pictures with you later. It will take several posts to cover all the things I did- gift to decorations, from food to party venue. 

My son is big fan ( read obsessed) by vehicles- from racing car to siren cars to construction vehicles. Just few weeks before his birthday his love for fire engines surpassed other vehicles:) so I decided that his 2nd Birthday will be Fire engine themed. So along with the decoration started the preparation for his gift. Daddy had planned to give him a big Scania fire truck. I decided on  making something that I am good at- painting. ( honestly if I didn't paint myself I would have bought it from someone else for sure. Because that's a perfect gift for any little boy especially mine)

I added a sweet note on the sides which he will love to read when he is older and remember me. I intend to keep up this tradition of making something handmade for him every birthday- something that will last for years and maybe generations. 

Oh almost forgot to tell you that he loves it!!!!

Next I am working on Cement mixer!

Images taken by me @ home. Subject to copyright. If you are interested in print or similar painting just drop me a note.