Friday, March 17, 2023

How to teach numbers and colors with DIY clay numbers

If you are looking for a creative and educational activity for little ones, then this one is worth making or should I say baking:) Toddlers learn by touch and feel sensory activities. Instead of buying plastic toys, let's make eco-friendly educational toys at home. These clay numbers are smooth to the touch and feel.  It is a fun activity to make numbers with and for kids. 

You can teach both numbers and colors with these.

To make these you will need the following:

  • Oven-baked Terracotta clay. I bought it from Amazon.
  • Number-shaped cookie cutters. 
  • Acrylics or any child-friendly colors.

Procedure :
  • I rolled the clay with my son with a rolling pin. 
  • We used the cookie cutter to cut the numbers. He pressed the cutters in the clay. Together we pulled the numbers out and placed them on the parchment paper.
  • I baked them according to the instructions on the package. 
  • Once they have cooled down, he colored them in different colors.

How to use these to teach numbers and colors:

  • Introduce the clay numbers and let the child play with them. The objective is to get the child used to see the numbers. By touching them, they will get a feel of the shape and curves of each number.
  • Start by placing the numbers in the correct sequence. Make this a game in which the child has to put the numbers in the correct series.
  •  Talk about the numbers and colors while playing with them. 
  •  Ask them to find a number from the bunch. 
  • Trace the outline with the clay numbers. 
  • Make double-digit numbers.
  • Fix a magnet behind the numbers and stick them on the fridge to play with them.

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