Thursday, September 5, 2013

Shop is open- welcome!

Hello readers how are you all? 
Just popping to say hello.. This week was very busy .. Especially with my son who has become very active lately and refuses to take his afternoon nap which is btw my working / blogging time. 
Anyways I have managed to reopen my shop-
after a extra long sabbatical.. 
Yippee for that! 

I have been working on some lovely products.. I did some Diwali themed watercolor paintings and india themed digital artwork as well.. which I will share with you all In coming posts. I made lovely Greeting cards, gift tags, buntings , banners, gifts, DIY printable and many more..all India themed and for the festival of Diwali!! I have managed to list a few of these but most of the listing will be done hopefully this weekend ( when hubby will look after our lil one) 

And for my lovely readers who have always been so nice to me and my blog I want to give a 10% discount on all the listed items on a minimum purchase of $20. Just use the coupon code' tenoff' while you checkout on etsy. This offer will start from Friday 6th September 11:00 am US time.
The offer is open for 1 month. 

Do checkout my shop- AKreativeMommy on!! 
Have a lovely weekend!!

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