Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Pink floral romantic summer centerpiece

Just in time for summer sharing with you all lovely people is a stunning grand centerpiece and table arrangement I had seen in Conrad, Hong Kong.  A summer-y , romantic display!!!

This was in the center of the reception near the main entrance. It was a circular table under a beautiful intricately designed Victorian style chandelier. The arrangement was made in harmony with the chandelier design - in layers. 

From a distance the arrangement looks like a pink floral cloud has burst and it is raining delicate pink flowers which have fallen around in a circular manner underneath. The color of the flowers and the warm dim lights give a cool, calming, dreamy effect..  Somewhat like summer rain - when the mind feels like dancing, standing and getting wet in the rain..

 Superb craftsmanship and design didn't let even a slight glimpse of how the top part was made..as the stems of the flowers very clearly visible from below without any visible support  Although my guess is that they have used a thin mesh of plastic wires were used. The translucent plastic wires were holding the flowers which were' falling from the floral arrangement. Two strands of flowers were in a transparent glass test tube filled with water. I used the similar trick for my oriental centerpiece. 

The bunch of flowers fallen to the ground effect was with flowers kept in transparent glasses. 

Mesmerizing is the word comes to my mind when I see this arragemten. I wish my IPhone could take better quality pictures at night. 

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