Thursday, January 17, 2013

Party preparations ..

Admist crazy packing for moving to Dubai, I managed to find some time to make decorations for my sunny boys car themed first birthday. I have designed, printed, cut and assembled all of these myself. Really enjoyed doing it although it was tiring designing and creating the tiny patterns and cutting the fine details.

Sharing with you some pictures I took at home..


Reshma at said...

Oh the lucky boys! I don't have boys...but I can feel the excitement! Have fun! I have plans up my sleeve for a circus themed party for my 7 year old this spring!

Maryam said...

Hey Purnima
just discovered you u thru etsy!
Fellow etsy shop owner(indybindi)
and love yr blog :-)
I love yr work and thanx for dropping in on my shop n blog!
best of luck for yr move- i can understand how crazy it can be esp as I am also moving bk to India in a few weeks and with two boys.... it can be maddening!
so all the best n I hope to see u arnd!
am following yr blog so I can keep up with what u are upto!

Unknown said...

All the best for your move..the creations look so cute and lovely , your boys must have been so happy and thrilled.

krishna said...

very very nice idea.. i can incorporate those in next the b'day of my son..

International decor said...

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Golden house said...

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