Friday, December 14, 2012

Holiday craft for all ages

I have been busy drawing and creating stuff for my shop. I am loving Etsy . It is fun. What I love te most about Etsy is the personal connections you are able to make. I haven't made as many sales on Etsy as I have done offline. Etsy requires much more marketing while I guess offline people know me and can see how good the item looks.. well..I need to work on that..:) If you haven't checked out my shop you should check it out right now..I have many more items to fill in yet.. My mind is busting of ideas but time is a constraint. Being a full time mom is not easy!

School holidays have already started and if you are looking for some creative activities for your kids or to do as a about making cards for your loved ones.. It's ok if you are not very artistic ,  I have uploaded some DIY Christmas/ holiday / new year cards + gift tags, all you have do is download them, scan and then cut.

You can get this cute little owl in PDF format here!! Just print, cut and give!!!

Oh yes.. a polka dotted owl with a mustache.. isn't he cute!!  I painted this owl as a gift tag initially.. But later thought he is too cute and will look much prettier on a card there I put him in festive mood with a holiday cap and waxed his mustache (lol).. the snow started falling behind him and a cherry branch just popped out from the side..
This cutie is avialable with 2 gift tags.. all formatted for A4 size .. easy to print..just cut , fold and give!! oh  and you also have a option to choose " happy holidays" or " happy new year"..You can find him here!!

This cute little elf with a gift in his hand is a watercolor painting ..I painted both the front and back side of the elf. I then formatted them such that the lines and features all fall in continuity as if it is one piece.  I shaped him in a oval shape. 

I have created a easy format by which one can cut both these shapes easily. just print, cut and fold. There are several ways to use them. Either as a gift tag, card or an ornament. As a gift tag you can punch a hole and pass a ribbon Or you can do like I have done use a needle and pass a thread through it to attach the loop to the gift.
As a card you can just put the elf in a envelope and gift.
As a ornament you can stick both sides together and then hang it for decoration..
You can find this little guy here!!

I am loving doing printables.. They give lot of flexibility. One can use them in numerous ways  in any creative form you wish. 


Reshma at said...

Just stopped by your shop and favorited it! Good luck! I am away on vacation but Will be in touch with u soon!

Purnima@a creative project said...

wow Reshma.. love your shop.. your creations are so beautiful.. Do give me some tips about how to market my products.. I am very poor at it..Have a lovely vacation!! Enjoy!!

Unknown said...

Cutie Owl!!!
You are really good at crafting and designed the card so perfectly with amazing combination of colors.
Love your creation.

Oxmo udsalg