Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Red rose centerpieces

I bought a lot of flowers for Diwali.. I must say Hong Kong's flower market has some of the most beautful and exotic flowers in the world.  The red roses we bought were so beautiful, fresh and velvety like the ones we see on the greeting cards. I have been enjoying them over the weeks with different arrangements. 

Spiral arrangement with red rose as a centerpiece for corner table or center table. I did this by cutting the stems at different lengths and then arranging them in a narrow neck and tall vase. Arranged tea lights on crocheted doilies. 

In the evening I lit the tea lights and dimmed the lights for a romantic and festive feel. Ahem..Romantic sound like a silly word with a baby crawling behind me all the time:) Lucky for me he is not interested in candles etc..yet!!

In a few days time some of the roses became droopy.. It broke my heart as I had gone to the end of another island to get the roses( I live on Hong Kong island and the flower market is on Kowloon island) In my floral design class I had learned several ways to rescue a droopy flower. To use them in floral arrangement one way is to use a floral wire. I used another technique. I cut the stem close to the flower and then floated them in water in a copper urli in a  s- shape. 

Single rose arrangement with a single flower floating in a short vase with a wide mouth. I placed it over one of my canvas paintings from the Indian pattern series. I use some of them as coasters and they look pretty as a base. 

what do you do with the petals dropped from the roses. Just collect them and float them in water. Float a bigger sized flower - real or artificial in a flat bottom vase or vessel. I used a artificial lotus  and placed the dish on another of my canvas painting to create a festive backdrop.


Reva said...

Lovely colourful delightful post..:)

nisha said...

beautiful post with lovely arrangements...

Unknown said...

Very creative and pretty!

Anonymous said...

Lovely roses and can be arranged in the corners and at the center of the home to give your room adorable look, roses are really pretty and always loved by everyone and enhance the beauty wherever placed.

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