Saturday, July 21, 2012

Happy Birthday dear blog!!

Oh yes today is my blog's birthday. I started this blog two years ago with a desire to live a more creative life .. I started writing it when I was living in Switzerland. I knew that I was going to move to Singapore soon and wanted something that would be consistent in my life.  After two years life has changed a lot.. I am living and writing from third country..China (Hong Kong) and I am now a proud mother of a almost 6 month old boy. And yes this little blog has helped me with all the transitions and moves in my life!!!!

 I have totally enjoyed these two years of blogging and being creative.. A big hug to all of you ..each one of you who read, surf, follow my blog posts..all who write me emails and take time to write encouraging comments on my blog!!!! I do feel guilty that I hardly do anything to promote my blog but when I see all you lovely people visit and like my work!!! 
Thank you from the bottom of my heart       

I will take this opportunity to answer some usually asked questions:

Do I provide event management services?

I have got a lot of queries about this after birth of my baby this year..I would love to help  you with it as much as I can.. I have done some guest posts to answer event related queries like Indian themed and Bollywood themed parties!! No I don't charge for it..I just love to do it!!

Do I have a online shop?

Not yet..Though I must say the idea is tempting!!!

How do I get time to do 'so many things' even after child birth?

I am a hyper person who likes everything to be super neat:)) This poster says it all for me:)
                                                                                                                courtesy: Tumblr
Do I have a Facebook page?

Yes I started it a few weeks back.. I am planning to get more active over there and post some creative links that I across as well.. Join me here!!

What to except in your blog?
( Ok..No one really asked me this one I have just added it in case you are wondering:)))

I have done up my living room which I will be sharing with you all next by one..Apart from that I will be posting about beautiful places in this world, art works by some amazingly talented people, table decors, how to's, recycling and reusing tutorials, my art works, creative inspirations and many more.. So stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!

Love you all!!! Have a lovely weekend!!


Bhavna Bhatnagar said...

Happy birthday! Here's to many many more to come :)

notyet100 said...

Congrats wish ya many more milestones like this

Disha Mishra Dubey said...

Happy blog anniversary and wish u many many successful years ahead. Lovely post enjoyed it thoroughly.

Purnima@a creative project said...

Thanks lovely ladies!!!