Thursday, April 19, 2012

Party preparations

Hello friends.. How are you doing? Although I have been working on and also have finished many projects I have been very lazy in updating my blog.. So many new projects to share .. I will start with the latest one.. My baby is now almost 12 weeks old and we are having his first party this weekend !!! I am super excited and all week I have been busy preparing decorations and doing other party planning when he was sleeping.. Sharing with you what I have made so far...I will be sharing the tutorials for all these DIY projects soon..

Name Bunting made of paper and ribbon..

Lots of labels and tags...

I have a ambitious plan of baking 30 cupcakes and decorating them with baby faces .. I made a.Cupcake stand to arrange the cupcakes.. I just hope the cupcake turn out as pretty as I have imagined them to be..

We will be catering the rest of the food from outside .. so I made menu cards..

A few more buntings to decorate the hall..I really want to make a few more buntings but not sure if the time will permit!!

will share the finished pictures once the party hall is decorated are here!!! 


notyet100 said...

Cute preparation,..:)

Anonymous said...

oh so pretty!! what cuteness!! Want to see more! Hope you have a fabulous time!!

Purnima@a creative project said...


PurpleRickshaw said...

Have baby celebrated her first b'day a few weeks ago and though exhausting it was worth all the effort:)