Friday, September 30, 2011

Autumn table decorations

Hello lovely people!! How are you? I am sure you all must be enjoying autumn..autumn colors..falling leaves..collecting pine cones..shorter and cooler days..hmmm.. I live in the tropics and really miss this season..Though I must say it does get a few degrees cooler here as well!! 

I was browsing through some of favorite German magazines and came across these lovely autumn decoration ideas.. They are so easy, practical and so pretty as well!!! 
Take a look and be inspired!!!

                              The cool, crisp autumn weather is perfect for apple picking..Use red apples as mini vase!!!! Remove the core of the apple ..Fill it with little water and put some fresh flowers from your garden or the ones you picked from your walk in it.. 

Make yourselves warm and cozy with candles..Decorate the tea light holders with cut out patterns of autumn leaves attached to them.. This could also be a great project for kids..You can get the Instructions and templates in this PDF ..They are in German but very easy to understand:)

Easy and quick decor idea for this fall... Heather twigs!!! Dry them and using a simple rubber band tie them around a glass carafe.. These will look good around a tea light holder as well!!! You can keep a bunch of  red, violet or pink heather twigs in a cane basket and that will also look good!!!!

 Bring the autumn to your dining table .... How about a napkin decoration with a cookie in leaf shape.. It would be a nice surprise for the guest. Shape the crispy biscuit dough with a cookie cutter in leaf shape.. Make a hole in it before baking it and later just pull a  pretty ribbon through the hole... wrap together around a napkin. 

Why just stop at table decorations... Create a Wreath of nuts...Made from hazelnuts, almonds or pine cones . 
First, collect nuts and cones.. make a hole in the nuts  with a wood drill pierce and string them on a sturdy floral wire. Then form a uniform ring...connect the wire ends and cover up with raffia. Tip: It looks best if arrange several rings together!!

                          Lovely DIY lanterns for outdoors are very easy to make.. I had done                          something similar sometime back.. Check the tutorial here..Decorate them with ribbons and fabric flowers..Fill it with water and floating candles..

    Last but not the least .. I totally loved this table arrangement... You will need baking cups, candles, candle holders and flowers like Phlox... Fill the baking cups with water and place the candle into the holder...Then float some individual phlox flowers. 

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Sharkara@SensitiveCreations said...

Purnima, You are a rockstar, not that I haven't seen something like these before, but I needed somenow , and you present just in time :) thanks :)

Reshma at said...

Oh I am totally in awe with the picks!Beautiful!

Nayana@CherishDreamLive said...

Beautiful Inspirations Purnima, I am going to pin it.

Purnima@a creative project said...

Thanks Ladies!!! Glad you liked it:)

PurpleRickshaw said...

It definitely is autumn..i just came across leaves I had collected last year looking nice and cosy inside ikea catalogs:P

Anonymous said...

*sigh*.. What stunning pictures.. Totally love the second one.. so easy to make.. on my list of things for next years halloween decor.. I might change that a little to pumpkins.. :-)

I also love love.. floating candles.. :-)

Besides.. How are you doing??

SV said...

Stunning pictures!You have been selected for an award,please check out at

Candice Suter.....Sweetstuff said...

You are an amazing woman! You come up with the greatest ideas. I love the hanging candles the best!