Sunday, March 20, 2011

Russian girl in traditional dress

The progress of my painting- Russian girl in traditional dress. I had mentioned the WIP here..Thanks all for asking and so I have been able to finish it sooner than I thought!! It is  acrylics on canvas- A4 size. I did a lot of research for the dress and for the embroidery patterns on the dress.. 

I used one of the beautiful patterns of Russian embroidery for the background as well..I found some really lovely sites for these patterns ..If you love embroidery this and this  has good patterns..

There are still a few touch ups I want to do here and there ..but majorly she is done!!

Hope are having a lovely weekend!!!


Geetha said...

Nice one!

Shobha said...

Looks nice.
Do post it after the finishing touches again.
You too have a gr8 week-end.

notyet100 said...

too good,
wish u happy holi too,..;-)

Ana said...

This is so beautiful.
Matisse painted a woman with a Russian shirt. It reminds me your painting.

Anonymous said...


GB said...

Love the details and colors, Purnima!

SV said...

Your painting is beautiful! Thanks for giving the embroidery sites link.

Purnima@a creative project said...

Thank you so much beautiful ladies!! Your comments made my day!! I feel inspired by your lovely words!!

Ukranian Girls said...

I envy people with a talent such yours. I love how you combine the colors, not too vivid and not too dull.