Thursday, March 31, 2011

Penang - The Pearl of the Orient

It was raining since a week before we went to Penang, Malaysia. Luckily the day we landed it stopped raining.. We got a couple of warm, sunny days with glorious skies!!! Penang is known as the Pearl of the orient.. It has beautiful beaches, tropical forest, natural beauty, lovely people and yummy local food!!

It is also famous for Batik, white coffee, nutmeg and other locally grown spices, 
Teh Tarik ( white Indian tea)!! Also charming and most ornate Buddist temples.. 
It is so peaceful and relaxing!!

This was our first long vacation after moving to Singapore.. 6+ months back.. we were glad we both found time..though we were the only crazy people with blackberry on the yes we managed to have lot of fun!! 

Have a lovely weekend!! and yes all those from cricket playing countries let me tell you India is gonna win this world cup on Saturday;)!!!

Joining Skywatch Friday!!!


Anonymous said...

those skies look gorgeous.. I totally miss beautiful skies in dubai. :-(

Indrani said...

Penang is a beautiful place I have heard.You pics trigger me to a dreaming mode. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh dreams are made of these. You are lucky to be living in paradise.

notyet100 said...

have heard lotz bout penang..luved all of them,..

Chubskulit Rose said...


My Sky shot, please come and see.

Anonymous said...

That first shot is absolutely breath-taking! what a beautiful place to vacation!!

SV said...

Awesome shots!!!!!

Purnima@a creative project said...

Thanks lovely ladies!!!! Have a nice weekend!!

The Cooking Photographer said...

I wish I was vacationing in Malaysia too! Such a beautiful place in the world. I just got back from vacation two weeks ago, why am I ready to go again?

Enjoy it for me and the rest of us stuck at home this week! :)