Monday, December 27, 2010

Mentions & features!!!

As we are closing on the year I would like to take this opportunity  to say thanks to all my readers!! Your visits, sweet comments and lovely emails encourages me tremendously!!  

Thanks to Kayla of HGTV's blog-design setting for mentioning my blog!! It feels good to be mentioned on my all time favorite site's blog!!

Thanks to Nags of Meet my Kitchen things for featuring my kitchen things with lovely background and history of brass items!!! 

Thanks all you sweet people who have linked to my blog or DIY or some creative idea on my blog!! Its very sweet of you!!

Thanks to readers like sudha who have tried and tested my DIY!!
Thanks to all the readers who have written to me!! I enjoyed reading each and every email!! I have your On-Demand special posts almost ready.. please bear with me.. I will post them in Jan!!



Sharon said...

have a lovely year end:) and a great new year! see u in 2011!!

SV said...

Hi Purnima,

I am excited to see my name in your blog!
Thank you so much for mentioning me.

The Cute Corner House said...

Hey Purnima...

Nice blog!! new follower here :-)

Sound Horn Please said...

Fantastic! Congrats Purnima- You absolutely deserve it :)