Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cinnamon Candle Tutorial

Warm, bright and comforting cinnamon candle create a festive ambiance . Cinnamon is one of favorite spices.. I always put a small piece of cinnamon stick in curries or coconut rice or Biryani..

This project came to my mind because I had lots of cinnamon  and I didn't want to throw them as there are restrictions on how much spices we can ship from Zürich to Singapore. Necessity is the mother of invention!!

So the idea came from the similar kind of cinnamon candles I had bought from Christmas market in Zürich last year..So I decided to try make them myself..

I have to admit that there many easier ways to do this project(I will share with the links of the easier methods at the end of this post)..If you decide to it my way,please be careful with the flame of the lighter especially if you have small kids.

Let's see what is needed for this craft project...

Pillar Candle 
Cinnamon sticks
Candle lighter

Let's start..
Spread a paper or cloth on your work station. So that the melting wax won't drip on your table.. Start melting the top layer of wax with the lighter.Only heat that area where you will be fixing the cinnamon stick.

In 2 seconds or so when you see the wax starts melting, press the cinnamon stick on it. Hold it for 5-6 secs or till you think it is fixed permanently to the candle.

I melted the wax near the fixed Cinnamon sticks by holding it horizontally. I let the wax drip over the fixed as to fix it. 

At the end my goal was accomplished ..I used almost all of the Cinnamon sticks I had..Plus I covered my plain candle too..To be honest I had tried painting and then this  project on the same candle and both of them it was more like either I throw it or beautify it;)

It took me an hour for this medium sized candle.. I put a few drops of cinnamon oil in the candle to enhance its fragrance ..

I made another smaller candle with star anise . But star anise has a very strong smell .. though it does look good in decoration and in food... as I was saying earlier this method is not the easiest/simplest of the ones..Just recently I found out while goggling something that Martha did this same kind of candle way back in 2005 with a hot glue gun..Check it out here.

These candles are perfect for Fall and Christmas!! I think I am gonna make some more cinnamon candles..(once my stuff arrives from Zürich)!!


Julie said...

Very pretty!

Sruthi said...

nice!!i like the green touch to it.

Anonymous said...

looks gorgeous.. and you've made the tutorial look so so easy!!

notyet100 said...

candle looks too good,..u must be missing Zurich.,..

Smita Srivastava said...

Love the idea n the wonderful execution too !!

Rekha said...

Lovely tutorial purnima, that sounds like fun!

GB said...

Lovely! I'm sure it smells great too, with all those natural spices! :)

Purnima@a creative project said...

Thank you ladies for the kind encouraging words!! You make my day always:)

Kari said...

I love it! When I first saw the picture I thought you just glued the cinnamon to the candle but of course I didn't think of the fact that you can melt the wax and make it stick! Great idea!

Candice Suter.....Sweetstuff said...

This is so cool and looks easy to do! Looks like a great idea for Christmas gifts! Hee hee!

Shanthi said...

WoW looks so exotic. Wonderful creation. Loved the stars as the base.